Eeyore and Jesus

I work with an Eeyore. He looks like Eeyore. He walks around like Eeyore. He talks like Eeyore. How depressing.

I saw guy walking on the side of the freeway yesterday carrying a cross. I shouldn't say carrying. Dragging a cross over his shoulder down the side of the freeway. What kind of statement is this man trying to make? Maybe he just wanted to see how Jesus felt. Yeah, maybe. Except I am pretty confident that Jesus wasn't wearing jeans and tennis shoes. I am pretty sure Jesus wasn't walking on paved road while carrying his cross. And I am pretty sure that the cross that Jesus was carrying didn't have wheels on the bottom to make it less of a burden. What was the point of this? I will never know. But I do know that Jesus atoned for all of us. So instead of dragging a cross down the side of the freeway, lets just respect our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and use the atonement the way that it was meant to be used.


  1. How odd of that man. Rindi's husband saw something similar on his mission in Mexico. I'm so grateful we have the atonement! And you're right, we should probably use it the way it was meant to be used!

  2. You really saw that guy? You should have taken a picture- is that wrong to say? Anyhow, I agree with your thoughts. It's a sacred gift we have and should only be used the way it's meant to be used. On a different note...LOVE your blog. You are such a funny writer, it puts a smile on my face. And we really want to get together with you guys and get to know you! Tra' always tells me how cool he thinks Mike is ;o) We LOVE to play!