Best Store Ever

During my lunch break the other day, I drove past a store called "Garden Ridge". On the outside it advertises....Home Accents, Furniture, Crafts......and so on. And then it occurred to me that this could be the same fantastic store that my sister-in-law introduced me to in Houston over Thanksgiving! So today, I took my lunch break and went to check it out and see if it was the same store. And it was!! Now for all of you who don't know what this store is, its like a cross between Tai Pan, Hobby Lobby and Ross. And it is absolutely huge! The prices aren't super cheap, just pretty average, but if you were ever looking for a pot, or a painting, or a bar stool......I promise you will find it at this store.

I just happened to find their Christmas sale....90% off. So I found two little plant things....regular price....$24.99 each......and I spent a total of $5.40! Oh happy day. I love awesome deals.

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