Work Perk Weekend

This weekend, my work hosted a Sales Conference and we flew in our sales reps from around the country and put them through all kinds of boring workshops, but most importantly.....wined and dined them. I was obligated to be there the entire weekend, which was boring and tedious but also fun and 100% free. (Plus Mike and I got to stay in a hotel downtown for FREE). On Friday night, we went to a steakhouse here in town and rented out one of their rooms and ate and then had a casino night. Let me just say, Mike and I have never ever gambled. Which means, when you talk about poker, black jack, craps, etc.....I have no idea what you are talking about! So Mike and I parked it at the black jack table, learned the ins and outs and stayed there for 3 hours playing! Its all luck, but Mike did well.....I did not as well. It was fake money we were playing with and whoever had the most money at the end was awarded prizes. Top three women, and top three men. Lucky for me, there were only 4 women there so I had great chances. Mike was up against at least 30 men, so at the end we just pooled our money and I took 2nd place! I got Clinique product, a purse and $100 gift card to Macy's.

Saturday night we all went to a Thunder game, they got two suites and fed us dinner. We had a great time there too. And the Thunder actually won, so that always makes for a better game. I bet you didn't know that before the game starts, even before the national anthem, there is a prayer. Yes, a prayer. And to make it even more interesting for Mike and I, the guy who said the prayer was reading his previously written prayer off of his iPhone. Oh dear. And people think Mormons are weird.

We went and bought our Elton John and Billy Joel tickets!! I am so excited. The concert is February 25...so we are just celebrating Valentines Day then. This is like my dream come true concert, so I am so thankful to Mike for putting up for my music tastes.

My sisters baby shower was last Thursday. I am so bummed that I couldn't be there. And I can't believe that I am going to miss this adorable baby boy finally gracing us with his presence. But good luck to the parents! I am so excited for you! February 1st is not too far away!

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  1. Elton John/Billy Joel..you're funny. Remember how we went to Josh Groban and the lady that sat next to you had a ROCK on her finger!! Holy smokes! Good times.