New Year Thoughts

I miss Christmas.
I took down all my Christmas decorations today.
It was sad.
Airplanes really smell bad.
I forget that small detail and then I get on a plane.
And they make my stomach hurt.
Costco pizza is the best pizza I have ever tasted.
I made my first batch of homemade ice cream in my new kitchenaid attachment ice cream maker.
I love my husband. He is constantly making me smile.
Our gas bill more than doubled.
Some new way of pricing the gas that you use.
I hate you Oklahoma Natural Gas.
I finally got a firewire cord.
I can now convert my camcorder videos into DVD's.
This is exciting.
The Da Vinci Code and Pearl Harbor have the best movie music ever.
Seeing Avatar kind of made me want to be a Navi.
Winter is cold and awful.
People in Oklahoma have no idea how to drive in snow.
A little kid in the Walmart parking waved to me.
It was like he knew me. He was so excited to see me. I love kids.
I am so happy 2009 is over. What a dumb year.
2010 is gonna be my year. I am gonna make it that way.

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  1. First, I also love Hobby Lobby! Second, I miss my friend abbylicious, but we will be home tonight. Third, I also would love to be a Navi (aka the indians before we killed them and took their land) and fourth, 2010 is totally your year I can feel it in my tired mommy bones!