This Dreadful Emptiness Filled With Ice

We are beginning the experience of our first major ice storm here in Oklahoma. And let me tell you, it is bizarre. The weatherman is anticipating a violent storm coming through. On the news they give you a list of must-haves for this storm just in case things get as bad as they did apparently back in December 2007. This list consists of blankets, candles, flashlights, a full tank of gas, cash, non-perishable foods, generators, water, and the list goes on. I guess back in 2007 they weren't very prepared and it ended up being really bad. 600,000 people without power. Nearly every school is closed today (except for OU......of course....) and here I am sitting at work, anticipating my drive home. I don't know how to drive on an inch of ice! It just didn't make any sense for me even to have to come into work today at all. Just because the weather was fine driving here, doesn't mean it would be good driving home. So for the record, if I die on my icy ride home, please sue the company I work for, because my death is their fault. And my beneficiary is Mike.

I experienced the "best chicken fry in the universe" yesterday. Don't be jealous. I never ever eat chicken fried steak. Because lets be honest, its nasty. But yesterday I went with some coworkers to lunch and how do you go to Chuck House and not eat the chicken fried steak? Well in my mind, its really easy I just order something else that actually tastes good. But they bought so I figured I would just go for it. And since I have nothing to compare it too, I guess it was fine. A hefty amount of calories I am sure. I started to peel off the actual fried part just to save myself of ingesting too much of that astronomical amount of fat. But its a good day at work when someone else pays for lunch, no matter what it is I am eating.

Speaking of work, my office shares the wall with the break room and right now, the shop guys are chilling in the break room singing and playing guitar. Oh dear. I am one to talk as I sit here and blog. So much for actually working today, the storm must have just thrown everybody off. But apparently we are closing down at lunch and then we are off til Monday.....!

Mike starts applying for summer internships this weekend. So wish us luck as we once again make another huge decision. Law school internships are extremely important considering that you usually get your job based on those internships. But Mike is 100% wonderful so I am sure that he will get exactly what it is he is looking for. Whatever that may be. For some reason we never really know that it is exactly what we were looking for until after its already happened. Funny how things work sometimes.

Speaking of Mike though.....man do I love that guy. Dream come true, really.


  1. Ok, I'm officially freaking out so will you promise to let me know that you are safe and not go anywhere until the roads are safe?

  2. I sure hope you got home safe! Yikes. Good luck to you and Mike as he applies for internships too. Isn't it fun to see where life takes us? What an adventure!

  3. Ya me too! You have to let us know how the storm is, do you have power, are you warm enough, food to eat? My heck, where are you living?? You need to come home! Or just quit your job, Not worth it!

  4. Okay I thought reading my kids' blogs would be cool but maybe not. I hope you are safe. And as Pres. Hinckley said, "Be Smart".

  5. I love chicken fried steak... but that could be the reason you're cute and skinny, and I'm... well, not so much :) haha
    Good luck on internships! I can't believe you've been gone so long already