Ice Ice Baby Kyle

Well we made it through the storm. And it was crazy. At least an inch of solid ice and then on top of that probably 7 inches of snow. Snow I am used to, I mean I am from Utah, but I have never seen ice like this. I have never scraped ice like this off my car. You can't just scrape, you literally have to chip away at the ice. Pretty crazy stuff. And they don't sell snow shovels here. We have been to countless stores, none of which have snow shovels. I know it doesn't snow on a regular basis here, but the one day that it does, people will go crazy for snow shovels, so stores should really try to stock them.
What a better way to celebrate staying inside on a crazy snow storm day than to have a pizza and game night with friends. Thursday and Friday pretty much everything was closed because of the storm, including school and work for Mike and I, so by Friday night, we were bored to death of being stuck home, and so were all of our friends, so whats better than being stuck at home? Being stuck at home with friends!
On another note, my sister had her baby boy on January 29! He was 6 lbs 10 oz and 19 inches long! Mother and baby are doing well and parents are apparently on cloud 9! Congrats!


  1. WOW!! that is crazy ice!!! Congrats to ashley!! How exciting to have a boy in the family!!

  2. You are making some great memories. You will look back at these days with fondness. It's fun to see you in a picture with friends. Have a great week Abby and Mike. Love ya!

  3. The ice is a whole new experience for me too. There's nothing like it. I think it's gorgeous though. Game night was a blast! Thanks so much again. It really should become a monthly thing, or more often than that. :o) Have a great day!

  4. Wow! Look at that ice! It's pretty but sounds like it was a real hassle. Glad you guys were safe though! And who wouldn't enjoy a day off or two? It's nice you had friends to pass the time with! Congrats to Ashley! That's so exciting.