When I Have The Time To Sit Down And Write,

Foster care is obviously the thing that comes out. It is constantly on my mind and when I’m not actively preparing for it, I’m thinking about it. Which makes all other activities, journal worthy or not, fall to the wayside.

For instance, we are lucky enough here in Utah to have Olympic venues that still host the Olympic trials. We decided at eight bucks a ticket, that’s some pretty cheap Friday night entertainment. Plus I’d get to gawk at Apolo all night. Win, win. Unfortunately, our dear short track speed skaters didn’t do nearly as well in Sochi as we Americans had hoped, but I got to see them skate in person. Before the Olympics. Which basically means we’re best friends.
At the end of January, my ward went to Youth Conference. Yeah, I know, my ward does things different. I like it. Except I don’t really like winter. So Youth Conference in the mountains in the dead of winter was just down right awweeeesssooommmmeee. But it’s okay. While cross country skiing, I was filmed taking every single hill on my rear and/or back. But it’s easier that way. So yeah. They only played the videos at a fireside a couple weeks later. So glad I was not in attendance.  I love these sweet ladies that I get to serve with in the YW presidency.

And Valentine’s Day! Oh the day of love. I’ve written about past Valentines Days here and here. This one was just awesome {but maybe not quite as dramatic} as those that came before. Plus who doesn’t want to see Les Miserables on opening night at Hale Centre Theatre? Amazing. Love the power of that show. And the talent that the community theater always seems to bring together.
It's been a mad rush to get the room done in our basement for Mike’s cushy work-from-home office. We’ve busted our tails getting it done before our home study tomorrow. And it seems our late nights of painting baseboards paid off. We moved his desk and computer in last night. We don’t have closet doors or the office door installed yet, but it’s a fully functioning room so he can begin working down there tomorrow.


Our home study is tomorrow morning and man do I have a list I’ve got to get working on. All I have to do is get the entire house scrubbed in one evening, while still managing to watch The Bachelor (which really isn’t that important, Juan Pablo is a loser). But I’ve already dusted and scrubbed all my baseboards, so I’ve made a small dent. Can’t even believe that our final step in getting licensed is tomorrow. Please pass, please pass……

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