What Today Is: {Vday}

First off.....HAPPY VDAY!

{My outfit of choice for daytime Vday}
I love Valentine's Day. Love Love Love.

But the only reason that I love Valentine's Day is because I actually have a Valentine.
Spending Vday single is just plain yucky. I can say that because I've been there.
But with that being said, can I just say something? {Opinionated Abby is making an appearance}
To all you Vday naysayers:

I know that you think that Valentine's Day is stupid because "if you love someone you should be showing it all year round and doing special things for those you love all year round".

Well let me tell you something. I show Mike I love him "all year round". He shows me he loves me "all year round". And we do special things for each other "all year round".

But it's nice to have a day {outside of our anniversary, of course} that we can just put everything else aside. Homework, chores, workouts, cooking....it's all left behind on Vday.

We make it special. We go out on a date. But not just any date, the kind that I wait all year for.

Now. If I could go out to a fancygetalldressedupspend50dollarsaplate restaurant regularly, I would. But I can't.
If I could spend my weeknights attending plays and concerts and musicals instead of exercising and cleaning and preparing dinner, then you know what, I would do that too.

But I can't.

And, I know, it's not all about the money. It's not all about the unaffordable dates. We do small sweet stuff for each other all the time! But every once in a while, as college students, it's nice to splurge a bit and enjoy the greengrassside.

And it's nice to have Vday every year so that we can justify that splurge.

Now if you want to hate Vday because it's extremely commercialized, then so be it {at least that reason is valid}. As for me, I'll take the cards and the roses and the chocolates and the extra kisses from my sweetheart. I would be crazy to turn any of that down.

Mike has planned Vday this year {who am I kidding, he plans it every year....get off my back, he likes to plan it so I let him}. So tonight I've got a hot date with my hubby that will be full of surprises. All I know is I get to spend the evening with him. Only him. And really, that to me is the joy of Valentines Day. Spending a little extra time with those you love.


  1. Here Here! (or is it hear hear?) I couldn't agree more :-)

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. I completely agree! I hate when people say that about Valentine's Day (you should be acting like that all year long, etc) What's so wrong with being festive?? I think holidays help us to get out and do the things we'd wanna do but just don't have time/money to all the time. WELL SAID. lol (can you tell I've been irritated by all the crappy negative nancy's out there! ha!)