Home Study? Check.

And talk about simple! I wouldn’t say I was worried about it. I knew that we had checked, and double checked the list to make sure our house was in ship shape before the licensor came out. But I was anxious. I didn’t really know what to expect. It didn’t help that she was about 30 minutes late. Mike and I wandered around the kitchen in effort to keep the freshly vacuumed floors looking freshly vacuumed. The TV was off. And there we paced. In our own anxious minds. Making random comments back and forth. I asked Mike if he was excited. He replied ‘Yes’ with the most adorable smile. We were kids on Christmas, I tell you. Then Mike remarked on how he felt like a dog in a cage being confined to the kitchen floor only.

When she finally came, we did the home tour first. She didn’t seem very concerned with most things. I felt so proud that I had all my first aid kits, and fire extinguishers, and was sure that she would want to see the inside of the fridge or pantry or something. But she took our word on the first aid kits, and fire extinguishers, and basically just wanted to make sure our hazardous liquids were locked up. {And I got a little clarification on what needed to be locked up outside of the obvious. Any chemical that a child could drink. If you were wondering…} I shouldn’t say I was disappointed. I mean the less she wanted to see, the more likely we were to pass, right? But at least I felt good on the inside knowing that I took care of everything whether or not she wanted to see it.
First she interviewed Mike and I together. She wanted to know our history and what our relationship is like. Then Mike had to leave the room and I was interviewed alone. She asked for a chronological history of my life. Where was I born. Where have I lived. Where did I go to school. When did I graduate. The obvious. Then she asked about my childhood, my relationships with my siblings and my parents. Throughout the interview she continually asked me if I had any traumatic or significant events in my childhood, my youth, my adulthood. It felt so good to know that I didn’t have anything to tell her. Even though she continued to fish for something, anything. She asked about my relationship with Mike. She had me describe him. She asked me what we fight about. She asked about my hobbies and interests.
Then it was Mike’s turn. And I’m sure he went on and on about how awesome his wife is.
When we came back together, she asked us about what kind of parents we will be. What our idea of discipline is. What our history is of being around children. And then somehow we went from our original 2 kids to saying that we’ll now take 3.
I have no idea how that happened. Later that night, Mike said, ‘I can’t believe we said we’d take three kids’. Yeah babe, me either. But you know, we can always turn it down. And going from zero to three is a lot really fast. But I think once you get involved in this situation, saying no just doesn’t really come easy. Who can say no to an adorable child in need?
And the event in which we have been waiting five months for was over in an hour.
We should hear from our resource family consultant (RFC) in no more than three weeks. Hopefully presenting us with our official license to foster.

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