What We Did: {Adventurous Vday}

To make a boring work space so much brighter. {Thanks Hubby}

The most adorable candy bar I've ever eaten. {Thanks Tori}
But let's get down to brass tacks.
Let's look at the timeline, shall we?
All dressed up for my night out with my man. Surprises just lurking around every corner.

Dinner at Nonna's. Where we proceeded to eat some of the best tasting expensive food we have ever had.
Mike had the chicken.

I had the tenderloin medallions.

Our reservation was at 6:15 but we get there at 6:00 and they seat us right away. Score.
However, our food took an unreasonably long amount of time to cook.
I know, it's Vday and kinda crowded, but still.

However, we were serenaded by a man with an acoustic guitar and a killer voice the entire time.

And then it was time to go. My Fair Lady starts at 7:30.
We get dessert to-go from the bakery and give ticket to valet.
And wait.
And wait.
People coming and going with their cars.
But we wait.
Valet comes in and says, "Have you had any problems with a flat tire?"
I look at my watch. 7:25.
Valet says, "We have a pump, we'll put some air in it."
And we wait.
And wait.
And wait.
Valet comes back and says, "It doesn't seem to be holding air very well. Would you like us to change your tire for you?"
NO! Pump as much air in that sucker as you can and bring us our car. We'll worry about it after the show.
{Theatre was only a few miles away.}
We get our car, and proceed to talk to the tire like a baby the entire time there.
You can do it, tire!
We are so close!
Don't give up just yet!
We finally get to the theatre at 7:45.
We give our tickets to the lady and she says, "There are a couple singles in the back."
Okay, okay just get us in our seats......wait....wha...?
Luckily, the show hadn't started yet. Some guy up front talking about the season and the theatre and blah blah.
So there I sit. In a single seat.
And there Mike sits. A row in front of me on the opposite side in a single seat.
So romantic.
They gave our seats away.
Here is what I don't understand. We have seat numbers on our tickets. I paid for that seat. However, I am sitting in this seat. I don't care if I'm late, that is my seat. If I don't show up until intermission, I should still get that seat.
But the show was still fabulous. A little lonely, but fabulous.

Then we head out to the car, greeted by this...

Oh, tire, why must you do this, today, right now, of all times?

Luckily, my man is capable of many things, including changing a tire. So he gets to work. And I take pictures. Gotta keep those memories locked somewhere, right?

And Mike's reaction to all of this?

Hey, at least I got to flex my man card.
Yep, he really did say that. Out loud.

So. If dinner wouldn't have taken so long to cook, we still could have gotten to the show on time, even with a flat tire, and we would have been able to sit by each other during the show.

But then I wouldn't have been able to take all of these pictures and make all of these memories and Mike wouldn't have been able to flex his man card.

I mean, after taking me to see My Fair Lady, he was definitely in need of some card flexing.

So really, it all worked out great. {Well maybe except for taking the car in and finding out the tire can't be fixed and spending $167 on a new one. Yay...}
And guess how we ended the night?
Oh get your silly mind out of the gutter.
With dessert. In bed.

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