It’s This Little Secret I Have

Not a person at work (except my boss) knows about the secret that I keep. No one at work is on my Instagram. No one at work reads my blog. Not that they don’t have access to it if they knew about it. They could find the links through Facebook. But they don’t. To be honest, I think most of my coworkers wouldn’t know the first thing about Instagram. And a blog? What’s a blog? This chapstick sits on my desk, staring at me, reminding me of my secret. Anyone that would come to my desk would see it if they were looking. But they wouldn’t ask. They probably wouldn’t even speculate. And when I finally get licensed, and announce it at the monthly accounting department meeting, fingers crossed that I shock every last one of them. Because who would have thought?
Why have I kept it a secret at work when I’ve been so vocal about it in other areas of my life? Other than avoiding the dramatics of them thinking all of my work will fall into their laps when I walk out the door on that life changing day, and therefore secretly hating me just a little bit, I really just didn’t want them to know. They are nothing but sweet to my face and great when it comes to coworkers but sometimes isn’t it nice to just keep something to yourself every once in a while? It is weird to have such a big part of my life have nothing to do with the other big part of my life. Guaranteed the second that I tell them I have something to tell them they will all think I’m pregnant. Oh man, are you in for a surprise.
My lips smell of Pina Colada. Reminding me that I hold one of the sweetest of secrets. I’m going to be a foster mom.
(Yeah I know, I should really dust my desk.)

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