The county fair is such the place for nostalgia. Even though I don’t recall ever going to the county fair as a child, going to a fair makes you feel like a child again. Plus, I got to go on a date with my husband. And that right there makes me feel like a giddy school girl. To make it even more nostalgic, and to use that word in a sentence again, BlackHawk was playing at the county fair. A free concert. It’s as if it was meant for us. We saw BlackHawk play a few years ago at another local fair so we knew that we couldn’t pass up getting to see them live again. My love for BlackHawk runs deep into my childhood. My sister, our across the street neighbor friend Brooke, and I would sit on the floor in Brooke’s bedroom and sing the day away to her dad’s BlackHawk cassette tapes. We knew every word. And I don’t know about Brooke and my sister, but I still know every word. And I probably own a greatest hits CD too. So there Mike and I sat, on the bleachers at the fairgrounds, tapping our toes and slapping our thighs to some of the greatest tunes that BlackHawk has ever produced. Mostly I hate when I go to a concert and people sing along. But last night, I was my own personal pet peeve. I just couldn’t help belting it out right along with my favorite old country band.
There are so many things about this man that I love, that face being one of them. The fact that he will eat funnel cake with me at 9:30 at night is another. After the concert we wandered the fair with funnel cake in hand. Word to the wise: eating powdered sugar while walking creates a powdery effect all down the front of you. I was wearing white. Mike didn’t get so lucky.

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