Speaking Of

There is just something about people who tease. And I don’t mean tease in a brotherly sisterly love sort of way. And I also don’t mean the bullies at school way. I just mean those beyond irritating folk that find it just so fantastically fun to say things just to see if they can get a rise out of you. Well guess what? You won. You got a freaking rise out of me. And then I proceeded to absolutely blow up at them. Because when you try to get a rise one to many times out of this extremely stubborn person, you are absolutely gonna get a rise. Unfortunately, we work together. So that’s awkward. But someone had to teach them a lesson. You can’t act like a 13 year old forever.

And for the record, I am stubborn. Always have been, always will be. It’s in the genes. But at least I act like the adult that I claim to be.
Word to this beyond irritating folk spoken of above: probably should try just knocking it off. Teasing is for preteens and middle school. And one day someone is going to blow up in your face. And they are going to enjoy it. And you, you’re going to feel like a fool.

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