I Try, But I Admit, I Really Just Don’t Like Def Leppard...

...but please play me Elton John, all the day long.

Veggie Straws, eh? Nursery food if there ever was one, but I love them oh so much.

I have started to read blogs again. And I forgot how utterly addicting they are. Because now all I want to do is read blogs. Those debits and credits can wait….meanwhile, on Love Taza back in January 2008…

There was a fight at Mike’s soccer game last night. That was fun. And no, Mike wasn’t involved. I told him I would disown him as a child if he ever fought in a rec league soccer game.

Some fairies came and decorated our office overnight. The amount of pictures that is now hanging on the wall is border-line highly excessive. We've got some nature. Some are business related. And then some are like these:

Things just got weird, huh?
Does anyone else actually pray in their morning prayers that the workday will go by quickly? No? Just me?

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