There Is A Lady In My Ward That Lived In New Zealand Awhile Back.

Her and her husband just decided they were sick of Utah and they needed to take themselves a little break. One day her husband comes home and says, I think we need to move to New Zealand. And so they did. How amazing is that? And how brave. How many of us would pick up and move to the opposite side of the world? They had no jobs, no connection, nothing for them when they got there. Except pure freedom. Peace of mind. I don’t recall how long she said they lived there. It wasn’t for very long. And then when they decided it was time to come back, they took the long way home. Stopped and traveled along the way.

For some reason I have been reflecting a lot on our time in DC last summer. I have found myself missing it. Because as much as I hated the droplets of sweat dripping down my back as soon as I walked out the door, what an amazing city to live in. To be surrounded at every turn by the things that built this country. Maybe it’s the itch of needing a little bit more variety in my life. Since we all know how much fun getting up and going to work every day is.:) Does anybody else get bored as quickly as Mike and I do? Maybe it’s the product of being on the go go go since we have been married. Things sure do slow down once school is over. And yet, in all my boredom, how nice it is to be settled. To be able to make plans. To be able to have stability. To be able to see the product of all the work that we put in. I feel so lucky to be where I am. We worked hard for this settled, stable life. I guess maybe I just need a few more picnics in the park and kitchen dance parties to keep things interesting

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