Apparently Oklahoma is in the middle of a monsoon. I'm glad I live in Norman, because from the news, Oklahoma City looks pretty bad. Its hard to say how bad things really are though because the news always seems to over exaggerate. Hopefully everyone I know back in Oklahoma is safe and there hasn't been any damage. Sending you all good thoughts as I enjoy the sunshine here in Utah.....finally.

I love projects. As everyone knows, baking is a particular favorite of mine. I wish I had a desire to cook all kinds of healthy meals but unfortunately, the only appealing recipes to even attempt are usually loaded with sugar. As I continue to easily pack on pounds, and somehow find that small desire to go for an occasional run, I have been slightly weaning myself to other hobbies. My current project: reupholstering a wing back chair. My mominlaw has a wing back chair that has an adorable shape to it but it was in dire need of a face lift. So I took it upon myself, recruiting an enthusiastic husband, to go to Hobby Lobby to pick out some fabric. MISTAKE. The fabric I got I do like, don't get me wrong. But I should have gone to JoAnn's. The variety would have been larger and it probably would have been cheaper. But, lo, we did not. And the Hobby Lobby fabric is working just fine. We worked until the wee hours of the morning getting all the old fabric off the chair. Now, each day I work on a little bit more. I really don't know how much I enjoy doing this. It is stressful. I am a perfectionist. And perfection and first time upholsterers definitely do not go together. If upholsterer's is even a word. But I am learning a lot and I like having things to keep me busy. My next battle will be the kitchen table. Or maybe the end tables. Who knows, maybe I'll go crazy and reupholster all the furniture in the house. Hah. No.

Here is the before picture of the chair. After picture will follow.


  1. Good Luck!
    ever since you posted about that sight allthings thrifty I've been hooked..
    I'm excited to see the end product!

  2. Where is the finished picture? I NEED it! :)