Toy Story

My dad took Mike and I out for dinner and a movie last night to pay us back for some yard work we did for him. We went to Red Robin....second time eating there in less than a week. But so delicious and so worth it. And then we went to see Toy Story 3. This movie has gotten a lot of hype....and it is definitely worth all the hype. I thought it was fantastic. There wasn't a single part that I can think of that was even the slightest bit boring. Its got you laughing and its got you crying, fantastic all around. I give it 5 stars.
One star for the fact that grown up Andy looks just like Greg Brady
One star for the Latin Buzz
One star for Ken's wardrobe
One star for Ken's Dream Mansion
One star for the triceratops at Bonnie's

My little brother got braces yesterday. So excited for him. Can I just say how much I love that kid? Couldn't ask for a sweeter 13 year old brother.

Brag Alert: Mike did great in school last semester. But one especially impressive grade was his A+ in his Torts class. Yes, you can earn A+'s in Law School....at least at OU anyway. Then they came out with the rankings, and that A+ gave him the highest grade in the class. Continuing to be so amazed with Mike and his intelligence. Love you babe!

I haven't baked yet this week. Still trying to figure out which recipe to tackle this time. But my brotherinlaw made some chocolate chip macaroons on Sunday which are super good, but now that they have toughened up a bit, they taste very similar to the Girl Scout cookie: Samoas. All they have in them is coconut, vanilla, chocolate chips, and sweetened condensed milk. I am going to have to get the exact recipe and make them. So delish.

This past weekend was Country Fest in South Jordan. Mike and I joined in some of the festivities and went on Friday night with our dear friends to walk around and then Saturday we went to the parade with my family. We do it every year. Here are some pics that I stole from my sisters blog from the parade.


  1. Oh you thief! You stole my pics!! haha that's okay! Toy Story was pretty cute! We loved it!

  2. Loved going with you to "Toy Story". I agree that it was really entertaining. I think the grown up Andy looks like Bridger. He also looks like the boy in "How to Train Your Dragon". I know you girls think Bridger's hair is too long but it's popular in animation movies!
    Way to go Mike. So proud of you!

  3. I don't get it....why'd you say 'and Annika'? haha. I mean, I like that you pointed me out in your blog....but I'm just confused.