Now and Then

Isn't funny how through the years, your taste will change? I was thinking about some of the things, the very basic things, that I liked when I was younger and how they are completely different now. For instance, when I was younger, my favorite color was blue, and now it is red. I loved sunflowers when I was younger, the dress I wore on my baptism day even had sunflowers on it (my mom has pictures of me in that dress hung in the bathroom....so cute) and now, I prefer daisies.

Isn't it interesting though how some things never change? Since as long as I can remember...I have loved rubies. Probably because they are my birthstone, but I still just absolutely love rubies. Mike even was the greatest husband ever and got me my first real ruby ring last year for my birthday. I have always loved my hair long. I always had it long when I was younger because that is the way mom had me wear it. I just didn't really care. All through high school, it was long. Then one grave day, Mike decided to dare me to chop my hair off, and of course I absolutely had to because it was a dare people. That was January 2008. I cried. It was sad. Finally now I can say that my hair is back to a length that I like. Don't get me wrong, there were lengths that I liked as my hair grew back out, but long is definitely something that will stick with me until I am too old to wear it long.

Some things that will never grow old though:

Oklahoma rain storms
A good nights sleep
Dunford chocolate donuts
A Sunday afternoon in Utah mountains
Cool drink of water on a hot day
A rare opportunity to sing with my sisters

and on

and on

and on....


  1. Love to read your thoughts Abby. Here is one of mine: When is it too old to have long hair??? This is a big dilema for me. I'm thinking about a big change this week. Annika cautions me to take baby steps on this one. My long hair is my identity and I am always complimented on its beauty. It will be like an amputation to cut it off. So when is one too old to have long hair?

  2. I love it. It's so interesting to look back at the things we loved and recognize how we've changed...and also how we've stayed the same. I like your list! Except singing with my sisters probably isn't quite the experience for us as it is for you guys :)