I can't believe its less than a month until we leave. 25 days to be exact.

My favorite current lyrics are: "I'm Awesome.....No Your Not Dude, Don't Lie". Hah.

I started playing my piano again. Oh how I have missed it.

I bake too much, causing myself unnecessary weight.

My little brother turns 13 on Friday. I can't believe my baby brother is gonna be a teenager.

To my sisters: I may force you to sing with me at mom's piano nearly every time I see you. Be prepared.

I really hate finals. Even when I am not taking them. Mike becomes the mystery man closed up in the other room. Good for him though. Study hard babe.

The phrase I currently hate: ".......you know, and this, that and the other......." Wait......huh?

I cannot wait to snuggle up to my new nephew. Dibbs on holding him ALL summer.

Why people built roads here the way they are is beyond me. Seriously.

When co-workers continue to tell me about their marriages, I realize how wonderful I really do have it. I mean, I knew I had it good, I just didn't realize how many people have it so awful.

Mentally, I have checked out of my job. With the new lady here now, I feel no ambition. Its pretty bad.

I ♥ Mike.



  1. I especially like thoughts #6 and #9. Oh, and those cookies look super good but I don't want to make them...I just want to eat them.

  2. umm...that song "I'm Awesome" makes me so happy when I hear it on the radio. I blast it. It's HILARIOUS. I'm so happy you like it too! I'm not happy that it is less than month until you leave. boo a thousand times. but I'm happy you get to see your family and get "recharged" as I call it. yes, oklahoma is known for its HORRIFIC roads! they suck and make no sense in so many ways.