The Good Stuff

My posts have been becoming more scarce, and to my faithful readers (mom and mom-in-law), this may be a disappointment but I continue to do my best. My replacement for my job started on Friday, so my posts will now be even more scarce because I will no longer be blogging while at work. Which is pretty difficult for me to grasp.....training can be a beast. But so far, this new lady is awesome and has a fairly normal personality so I think spending the next month crammed in my 8x8 office with her for 8 hours a day won't be completely miserable. People keep asking me when my last day is. I really have no idea. I really would like to continue working....wait, scratch that.....I really would like to continue to receive a paycheck. But at the same time, if this new lady is 100% awesome and picks up everything quickly, then I don't just want to sit around and watch her work when she doesn't need my help. So we will see. I can't believe our coming to Utah is only a month away!! I am super pumped. As Mike and I sat and ate Sunday dinner together today, I told him how excited I was to go to Utah and have 3 months full of Sunday dinners thought up by someone else. Note: Mom and mom-in-law, I am more than willing to help prepare any Sunday dinner.....its the coming up with it part that is difficult. Let me just say Mike and I eat a lot.....A LOT of chicken breasts. Because thats as creative as I get.

And in preparing to leave for our 3 month vacay in Utah, I have begun our list of things that we need to bring. How do you pack for 3 months?! Well if you have suggestions, let me know. And if you think that there may be something that I might not have thought to put on my list, please let me know.

And this is where the bragging blog comes in. And don't worry, I already forewarned Mike that I would be writing a brag blog about him. If anyone remembers, I wrote a blog about this Mrs. Wilson and the paper that my dear husband was forced to write about her and her case. Well in addition to that paper, my dear husband also had to team up with a classmate and argue the case. They call this Moot Court. They had to argue for Mrs. Wilson. And then a week later they had to argue against Mrs. Wilson. The Moot Court started out with 99 teams. They narrow it down to the 24 best teams. Of these 24 teams, they pick the best 8....and automatically put them in what they call the "Sweet Sixteen", and then the remaining 16 teams battle it out for the remaining 8 spots in the "Sweet Sixteen". I know, confusing. But take a wild guess as to where my Mike fits into this little puzzle? Yep, mom-in-law, you guessed it right. He was in the top 8, which means he is automatically put into the "Sweet Sixteen". This week he continues to battle it out, so wish him luck. He says there is nothing to brag about, because he hasn't won. But I think being one of the top 8 teams in 99 teams is something to brag about. I love my man.

For the first time ever, I tried Frozen Custard. It is pretty popular here in Oklahoma. On Friday night we went with some friends to Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers for dinner. It was delicious. Frozen Custard is AMAZING. It doesn't taste much different than ice cream, but it does. Its just really really REALLY good.

The next morning we got up early and went shooting with some friends. Mike was pretty excited to shoot his new shot gun. Neither of us have shot a gun in years, but it didn't take Mike long to warm up. He shattered the majority of the clay pigeons that he shot at. Me, not so hot....but I did hit enough to make me happy. All I know is our gun is super heavy. But really I am just super weak. We had a great time though. Mike also got to shoot our friends rifle, which I think he thoroughly enjoyed.


  1. Wow, congrats to Mike! That's awesome! That is definitely something to brag about. Law School is elite enough as it is, so to be doing so well in an already elite program is impressive!

    I'm loving the shooting pic. Great job on getting 'enough', I'm positive I wouldn't hit a single one (I think you need depth perception for something like that and I'm a little lacking in that area).

    Gosh, you do such a good job baking. I still have your Oreo Truffles to try. You are definitely passing up the rest of us with all the treats you try!

    Good luck with the last month (give or take) of work! Hopefully your replacement learns at a good pace so you keep getting that paycheck :)Hope to see you blogging soon!

  2. Hmmm, don't forget your temple clothes? haha, thats all i can think of right now.

  3. Good luck with the move!!! I'm jealous!!
    I HAVE to make this bread! I LOVE banana bread and this sounds delicious!!!
    Hopefully you can just be done with work!!! Good luck!!!!

  4. Thanks for being such a great daughter, otherwise I'm not sure I'd ever hear anything about Mike. You're right I love these blogs and miss it when you don't write everyday. Just show the new gal that a blog is part of her job description. Can't wait until you guys are here!