Well its 4:48 in the morning and I am blogging. This has nothing to do with my addiction to blogging. I promise I am not psycho enough to wake up this early just to blog. I have had 4 hours of sleep and I think thats about all I can force myself to get for the day. I will thank the rain for waking me up. But now that I am awake, my mind starts racing and there is no way I am going to fall back asleep. 

When we moved here, we were leasing our duplex from a regular property management company. After a few months of being here, our duplex, as a whole went up for sale. Mike and I actually considered buying it and now regret the fact that we didn't. Our duplex was sold to the Housing Authority which is like a low-income housing assistance program. I was actually kind of excited because I thought that our rent would go down. That was wishful thinking. I thought, for some reason, we would be beyond the stage of actually qualifying because we already lived here. They wouldn't kick us out, would they? 

To qualify for Housing you have to make between a certain amount each year, and (here is the kicker), you have to have at least one child. But for some reason, I still thought that they would work with us. 
Mike called them yesterday to see about renewing our lease seeing as how we would be in Utah when our lease actually came up for renewal. Well its a good thing he called. Because apparently they aren't going to let us stay. No baby means no house. Awesome. I hate them. They did say they would work with us and if we break our lease early they wouldn't penalize us and they would still give us back our deposit. Or they could extend our lease by 3 months. So...we leave for Utah in 3 weeks, which means we have 3 weeks to figure out what we are going to do. I hate my life. So I packed 5 boxes yesterday. And it was the worst day ever. 

I love this house. I don't know how many times and to how many people I have said that I love this house. When we moved in I had the intention to be living here all 3 years of law school. If I would have known ahead of time that Housing would be buying our duplex and that we would be pretty much kicked out, I would have never moved in. 

And now poor Mike has to figure out how to ace his finals and move all in the next 3 weeks. 

So thats about where we stand. I am super upset. Obviously, if I am up this early blogging about it. We are considering just sticking all our stuff in a storage unit while we are gone. It will be tons cheaper and I won't have to worry about having someone monitor our house. But we will keep looking for a place. I am spoiled and high maintenance though and want nothing less than what I have right now. So we'll see. Maybe we'll just stay in Utah once we get there. Hah.

On the brighter side though, for my going away present at work, they gave me Thunder vs. Laker 4th game FLOOR SEATS playoff tickets. Mike is so excited. I am excited too. We decided we both would probably have rather had the cash....over $1200....but this will be fun. Probably never have this opportunity again so we will enjoy every minute of it.


  1. I hate the feeling when I wake up and my mind starts racing and won't let me go back to sleep. I'm sorry for your experience and worries. I think the storage unit idea would help you relax about your belongings while you are here in Utah. I'm so excited for you to go to the Oklahoma vs LA playoff game. Durant was awesome last night. Hope you have a better day today. It's Bridger's birthday!!! Off to buy Dunford Chocolate Donuts for him to take to scout camp tonight at Thorne Park.

  2. Wow, this sucks. But i think you should definitely do the storage unit thing.

  3. ABBY! this makes me so mad/sad/worried...everything! poo on crappy norman housing. When can I come over and help pack? I have plenty of time to lend a helping hand! call me...seriously. i hope you guys can figure things out...it's got to be totally frustrating. Please let me know if there is anything Tra' and I can do! we have a trailer too if you need to move stuff to the storage. GOOD LUCK HUN!

    P.S. Please don't stay in Utah once you get there ;o)