My Loves

I just got a new wave of excitement for the fact that I am going to the Elton John and Billy Joel concert in 13 days! I have to admit, Elton is my number one, with Billy Joel coming in at a close second.....and then behind them Phil Collins. I know, weird. But this music just amazes me. So in honor of my excitement, I am going to post my favorite song (for today anyway) by each of them. Just blogging about this makes me giddy.

"Believe" by Elton John

"Lullaby" by Billy Joel

Both videos from Yahoo!Music


  1. I'm envious of this concert you are going to. Take lots of pictures for me! and these songs...BEAUTIFUL! I hadn't heard them before. But I liked them! next weekend at the Ford center they are doing the monster truck racing/jumping/crazy tricks stuff. wanna go? Ask Mike what he thinks. Cheapest tickets are $17. I heard they are pretty fun, but loud! we have always wanted to go, but haven't.

  2. That is so funny Abby. I didn't know you liked them so much to go to a concert. If I didn't know your age I would guess your 42! Have fun! I do like Phil Collins though!