Three things that I hate:

My Job. I cry on Sunday nights knowing that I have to go into work on Monday. Its true. Just ask Mike.

Doing taxes. I don't care if I graduated from college with an accounting degree. When I can afford it, I am getting an accountant.

Waking up and feeling like I didn't get any sleep. Which is most nights.

Three things that I love:

My wonderful, amazing, happy, lovable, handsome husband. Love you babe.

Hoodies. Seriously, is there anything more comfortable than an old hoodie?

Large tax returns. Thank goodness for being students in 2009. We are getting a ton of money back. Now the question is can we squeeze in a vacation anywhere. And where to go...


  1. I'm so sad that your job is so awful! Thank goodness you get to quit soon. The dreaded Monday mornings will be gone in flash. And HOORAY on a large tax return!

  2. Just be grateful you have a good job! Be strong...only so much longer and it's OVER! I hate taxes too...ugh...the devil. and don't husbands just make everything great? I hope they feel the same about us.

  3. If you've got money, come home!!! Then you can see Ashley's beautiful baby boy and me too...