The Piano Man and the Rocket Man

I ♥ Billy
I ♥ Elton

I need to start playing the piano more. And I also need to learn the guitar and drums (in addition to the cello that I have been wanting to learn for years now). Concerts make you wish you were better. More talented. And Elton John and Billy Joel definitely exceeded all expectations of a great concert.

Billy Joel is so entertaining.
Elton John is so passionate.

And together they are nothing less than awesome.

Mike was our photographer of the night, since I couldn't take pictures and give my full attention to the amazingness going on onstage. I am so happy that my dear husband would suck it up and take me to see 2 of my favorite musicians of all time. I think he enjoyed it though.

(The girl in front of us kept doing peace signs, so we had to copy her and get a picture)

Elton words to live by:
"Love is simple, hate breeds"

Billy words to live by:
"And so it goes, and so it goes"

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  1. woo hoo! such cute pictures! I love that you got to go and enjoy your two fave musicians. I'm like you, I always leave concerts feeling inspired and not talented at the same time. They always make me want to work harder. Ok, the cello?! I have been wanting to learn it for years too! I keep asking Tra' if I can get one, but he says "not now." I don't understand. One of these days SOON, I'm coming home with one, i can't take not having one anymore. It's my second favorite instrument. MISS YOUR SMILEY FACE! :o)