Perfect Intern

The guy in which whom I said looked like Eeyore, passed away a few days ago. He was an alcoholic and I guess his heart just gave out. Somber days at work. He was only 55.

On a more positive note: great news! Mike got an internship for the summer in Utah! Which means we're coming home! I am so excited! We will be home mid-May and be in Utah for the full summer. Yes, I am going to quit my job and yes I am looking forward to it. Its nice to be able to count down to something. The law firm is in Orem and he is really looking forward to interning at this firm. It will be great experience for him and will be great to spend more than a few days with family and friends.

I love good deals and I found another great one. We found this picture to put above our bed! It is huge and pretty and was only $26! It reminds me of Oklahoma because it looks to me like flat green fields. Mike thought it was an ocean though. So I guess its up for interpretation. All I know is that I love it!

I have been scrapbooking a TON lately. I set up my card table in my living room and got out all my stuff. Its much easier to do when its out and in the living room because then I am still hanging out with Mike while I am doing it. It has been a nice creative outlet for me.
And pretty much, that is all. Except the superbowl is on today......GO COLTS! But especially, GO AUSTIN COLLIE! This is the first person that I have actually known that has been in the superbowl. And probably last. And I really don't know him super well, more his wife. But still, it makes football so much more fun to watch!


  1. HIP~HIP! Congrats on the internship. But i have to admit it broke my heart just a little to hear that you were going to be away from Oklahoma. Summers here are so fun! Boating all the time...wish you guys could come and go with us. Maybe you will get back before it gets too cold and we can go! I really look forward to summer/lake/friends. Anyhoots, glad he got it. that's good news. And the picture...beautiful! Scrap booking...where to begin. So happy you are doing something you love! I have a lot of scrapbook paper just cause I'm in young womens, never tried actually scrap booking. I always thought it was too expensive and I would just spend too much money. Maybe I should give it a shot. Have a wonderful rest of the day! Let's go play this week!

  2. Oh, I love your picture. It looks very peaceful! It was good to see you on the web cam yesterday. I am so excited that your coming home for the summer!! Let's plan lots of fun stuff to do, Start making a list!

  3. Yay for coming home! Where will you be living? Are you going to pick back up at the same job when you go back? I see fields and ocean in the picture...Adria told me that you asked her about my last name while scrapbooking...it's ok. don't be embarrassed. what pictures are you scrapbooking?