Only in Norman

Happy Halloween Everyone! Yes, I do realize that according to the official October 31st holiday, I am a day too early. But only here in Norman would they change Halloween to accommodate the OU football game. In watching the news this morning, I received confirmation that Norman residents are to go trick-or-treating tonight, because the game is tomorrow night. Wow. Really, what else can you say? Except for I thought I was going to be able to get out of buying candy because I am going to the game tomorrow but apparently I was wrong because Halloween this year is October 30th.

Something today that made me smile: I was driving today with my windows up and my music on when I realize that I hear some really loud music coming from somewhere outside my car. This is not so abnormal, considering that there are punks all over this great nation that like to listen to their rap or rock way too loud. But this situation was abnormal, because it was classical music. So I turn my music off and roll my window down, and realize that the music was coming from the truck next to me. Some older man was blasting his classical music. His windows were even rolled up but it was still so loud. I couldn't help but smile.

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  1. Between just looking at your blog and Annika's blog I have managed to laugh hard enough to bring tears...especially when reading about the girls "rowing" down the sidewalk. Hilarious!