Mac and Cheese

Random: For dinner tonight, Mike and I had brats and mac and cheese (don't mock, I really do actually make real meals sometimes). But not just any mac and cheese.......mac and cheese shapes!! They were shaped like pumpkins and cats and bats. I LOVE mac and cheese shapes so much! They were so conveniently placed on the end of one of the aisles at Walmart, which means they were completely impossible not to buy. Every time I took a bite at dinner, I went "Mmmmmmmm" super annoyingly loud. That is just how much I love mac and cheese shapes.

I officially started my calling today at church. I teach the 9 year olds in primary. And there are like a million of them! I didn't have to teach today, but I sat with them during sharing time and man is this going to be a tough calling. A lot different than Miamaids thats for sure. But it will be good, always good to have a new calling and try something new. Mike has a calling too. He will be teaching the 14 to 16 year old Sunday school class. But he is an amazing teacher, so I am sure that he will be fantastic.

I met a guy at church today who happens to be the "Undergraduate Professional Development and External Relations Director" for the Business School at OU. He asked if I was working and I told him that I needed a job and he told me to email my resume and he would help me out. Talk about being in the right place at the right time. And to think that I was complaining to Mike because we were too early for church....!

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  1. I teach the 8 year old class, and the 9 year old class in our ward is awful. I feel for you!