Oklahoma Mixture

Last week I had a job interview with a manufacturing company (the gas industry is huge here). I am working through a recruiting company so they are working on my offer for me. But I talked to the lady yesterday and she said that I am their "top candidate". Wahoo....I almost have a job. The commute is awful....40 minutes each way, but the pay is good and I can't just keep turning down jobs. I just have to face the fact that there is nothing here in Norman.

We got our tickets booked for come home for Christmas! We are really excited to come home and spend time with our families and see some friends. We fly in late December 19 and then we will be in Utah until December 30. We can't wait to see everyone! Less than two months away.

I am in the process of painting my beautiful free piano. The color remains to be revealed but I promise it will not disappoint!

I went to the Goodwill today and bought two lamps and a lamp shade for a total of $6.50! I love finding good things for cheap!

This past weekend Mike and I were finally able to make it out to the temple for the first time. The temple is super small.....the LDS chapel next to it was actually taller! Definitely different than the Jordan River Temple that we are used to. This picture that we took of us in front of the temple is not really attractive of us because it was bright and windy but I thought it was interesting that we could take a picture of ourselves in front of the temple, and actually get pretty much the whole temple in the shot.


  1. Wahoo! Congrats on finding a job! I hope that figuring out the details goes smoothly. That's awesome you are finding places to get things for stellar prices. KSL was my favorite when I was putting Jonathan and my place together. I honestly don't see why people buy things new! You can save so much by getting used. I whole-heartedly believe in garage sales and classifieds :)I'm glad you two were able to go to the temple. I bet it's so strange not having multiple just minutes away. It must make just being able to go every so often that much more meaningful!

  2. I hope you get a job... and hopefully it's a good one :) I'll pray for you.
    I'm also excited to see your piano. I'm all for DIY