First Job Interview in Okie

I had my first job interview since I have been here. It was for a company that does commercial roofing and waterproofing. The job interview seemed to go well, but I don't know how much I really want the job. I haven't been offered the job, so I may very well be jumping the gun. But I want to have a decision made so that if they do actually call and offer the job, I will know what to say.
So the pros and cons of this job:
Its a job!!
Its income!
My own office.
Its accounting
Its a pretty long commute (45 minutes in traffic)
The pay isn't wonderful
I would also be doing payroll...blah
You have to take a lunch hour
So to some, my cons list might seem retarded. But these things really do matter to me. But do I have room to be picky? I mean, this is my first interview in the two months (time is flying!) since I have been here. But also, I do have a college degree, and should be able to get a job with that degree. So really, I am taking suggestions on how to make this decision.


  1. You can always take it and then keep interviewing until you find something better. At least you would be making some extra money! I would hate the 45 min drive though! Good Luck deciding.

  2. I would say take it, if it's offered because you never know if you'll find anything else. But continue searching for another job. At least you'll have some income in the mean time. Plus, you never know who you'll meet or the experience you'll get.

  3. Abby, can i just tell you how much I love you? We are so much alike. While I was reading your pros and cons, I was thinking, "I totally know what she means." I especially like the part "I do have a college degree, and should be able to get a job with that degree." It made me laugh because just today as I was driving to work past the construction workers, I thought to myself, "That's why I went to college, so I never have to work in the 35 degree weather doing construction." (Does that make me sound like a brat? Probably, but oh well) Anyway, I can understand the feelings. Hang in there! Love ya!

  4. I am beating you! I've got 2 interviews!!