Oklahoma Fashion

Don't get me wrong, I love clothes just as much as the next girl, but here in Oklahoma, the fashion, or maybe the lack there of, is not quite what I had expected. I am not quite sure if they are going for the "just rolled out of bed" look or if they are going more for the "just went running" look, but every girl here seems to own, and constantly wear running shorts. And not just any running shorts, they have to be Nike running shorts. And not just any Nike running shorts, they have to be these Nike running shorts....{picture from Nike.com}

They come in all different colors, so any color is acceptable, but they have to be these shorts. It is just the strangest phenomenon. Mike and I were in Target the other day, and it must have been the day of freshman orientation because there were a lot of college students there with their parents. Without exaggeration, nearly all of the girls that we saw had on these Nike running shorts. It was the strangest thing. We started counting how many we saw because there were so many, but we ended up losing count. Then we went to Walmart and the same thing happened. Everyone must get a pair of these Nike running shorts. I have yet to buy myself a pair, but have highly considered it just so I can be like the "cool kids".

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  1. Yeah....i have been wanting to get myself a pair of these for a few months now....apparently everyone in California wears them too. But...they are $28...and I'm not sure how much better they are then my $7 shorts from khols.