No Costco?!?!?

Another opportunity to give something a rating. But to preface.....I have always been a Costco girl. I love Costco. The sights, the smells, everything about it makes me happy. I have been to Costco every year on my birthday for quite a few years and I wouldn't rather spend my birthday any where else. Not too mention the pizza, the hotdogs, the frozen yogurt.....so delicious. Well when my membership came up for renewal in May, I decided I had better double check that there was a Costco in Norman, OK.....even though I was confident that there would be one at least close to where I lived. WRONG! There is absolutely no Costco in the entire state of Oklahoma! What a miserable state! Well when it comes to bulk, the only other option I could think of was Sam's Club. Bah. I really just wanted a Costco. After I got over my slight stage of depression, and actually got to Oklahoma, and experienced the grocery stores here, we headed to Sam's Club. And it was GREAT! I couldn't believe how happy I was with it when I was constantly comparing it to my beloved Costco. But it really was nice.
So I am very happily surprised, leading me to give Sam's Club an 8!


  1. there are no costco's back east either! =( i'm still not over that!

  2. Cute blog! I love your new picture, and I really like Mike's hair like that! (with highlights) I just noticed that in the picture! (funny!)
    Well I'm glad Sam's club will tide you over and make you happy for a couple years! Miss and love ya!