Practically down to hours...

Well we are almost there. In 4 days we pack up everything we own and drive 18 hours to an unfamiliar place without any source of income or knowledge of anything around us.
Isn't life just exciting?!
I have been packing all week and am pretty much ready to load up the trailer and head out. Mike and I both had our last days of work last Friday so this whole week we have been two unemployed people looking for something to keep our time occupied. Mike is still finishing this last semester at the University of Utah, so he studies and I pack. We have done some fun "Utah" things this week though. Monday we went downtown and walked gateway and layed on the grass at temple square. And of course, whats downtown without coming across a few creepy people on Trax. Yesterday we enjoyed eating at La Frontera (one of our "Utah" favorites) and then took a walk on the Jordan Parkway. Tonight we are headed up to the mountains for a hotdog roast and s'mores. Because there are NO mountains in Oklahoma so we have to enjoy it now. And who knows what the rest of the week will bring. Moving is starting to make me quite restless though. Now it just needs to get here. All this anticipation is killing me. Who knows, probably the next time I write, Mike and I will be official residents of Norman, OK!

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