We Are Not Criminals!

Great news! We knew that, yes, but it took the government two very, very long months to figure that out. I still can't figure out how hard it is to type in a social security number or two and send off the information to the State of Utah, but apparently.
We finally were able to schedule our home study! {Which I still don't know if that's one word or two...} The down side is they are almost an entire month out! So we have until February 25th to get our home in ship shape. Which I tell you what, we have the safest house on the block. Every single everything is behind lock and key. We've got a crib, a car seat, a full size bed, toys, a baby gate....everything we need to get us through at least the first few hours of parenthood. Except diapers. We aren't jumping on that wagon until we know we need to.
My goal is to pass on the first round. Which means we've got checklists that needed to be checked and double checked and an entire house to scrub to perfection. Now we just keep our fingers crossed that the write-up doesn't take another four weeks after the home study. This process feels like its taken forever. The training classes seem a millennia ago. I'm beyond ready to jump in, head first. Here's to praying that our first placement doesn't take 6 months!

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