If You Really Knew Me: {3rd Edition}

Unless I'm married to you, or related to you, I'll probably withdraw if you try to get to close to me. {All of my friends are nodding right now....}
The only good thing about winter is that gloves are more socially acceptable which keeps me from having to touch germy door handles.
If I could do it all over again, I'd come back as a non-eating disorder ballerina.
I'm a secret keeper. There isn't a person in the world that knows everything about me.
I don't really care about offending people.
I'm what I call an over-sharer. If you can get me talking, you'll find out way more about me than I ever wanted you to and than you ever cared to know.
I'm pretty much a walking contradiction. {See paragraphs 4 and 6}
I don't wear 80 percent of the clothes hanging in my overcrowded closet. Of the 20 percent that I do wear, most are gray.
I'm a classical {in terms of classification} music junkie. All hail the Baroque period.
I enjoy doing math in my head.

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