What to say.

Well frankly, 2013 felt like a nice slap in the face. Like the lingering tingly red hand print kind. And I’m glad to see it go. To be honest, I was ready to have it gone by February. We had to make decisions that I never thought we would have to make and we faced trials that I never thought we’d face. And it nearly drained the life out of me.

But in between all the bad, we had some really great things that helped us along the way.

With all Mike’s schooling done, we finally got to settle down and became first time homeowners in May! We love our house. We love our neighborhood. And we love having a place to officially call our own.
We went to Disneyland. And that’s the happiest place on earth, so how could I not add that into the list of awesome things for the year?
We got to welcome another niece into the family! And aren’t babies the best?
We made the decision to become foster parents! And talk about a whirlwind. Never having thought of doing foster care, it’s like God himself took control of our computer on that random Sunday back in September to guide us to this decision. {You can read about it here.} Still counting down the days of our first placement.
Now this is when I go on to say, “We got this, 2014!” or “2014 will be our year!”. But I guess the pessimistic side just got the best of me this year. So I guess I end with, “Just be better than 2013, okay?”

But really, let’s knock 2014 out of the park, yeah?

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