On Our Decision To Become A Foster Care Family

Our 32 hours of foster care training will commence this evening. Sometimes I feel like I’m on the outside looking in. I think those are lyrics to a song. But they seem so fitting at this time when I feel like my life is taking a path that I had never before considered.
I never really told you about how Mike and I came on this decision. Well one minute I was buying a shower curtain on Amazon and the next minute, Mike was sitting next to me and we were looking at the list of children waiting for adoption in the state of Utah through the foster care system. Honestly, I really don't even know how it happened. (Meant to be?)
We found these two adorable boys. And I instantly felt the need to help them. I dreamed of what it would be like to bring these two brothers in to our home. How would it be to suddenly be a mother of 6 and 9 year old boys? My heart ached for their sad situation. And then just as simple as seeing their faces, we felt pushed to inquire further and two days later we were in contact with the foster care system in Utah.
Those two boys are no longer on the list of available children. And I am sure they have been placed in a loving home. But I’m so glad that they were on the list that first time that we looked at it. Because it was those two boys faces that placed us where we are now. Prepared, or unprepared, to jump into this world of foster care.
We dream about that first phone call. Which we hope is only a mere few months away.


  1. How exciting!! Hope that first call comes soon!

  2. Very cool. Thank you for sharing your journey here.

  3. I just googled fostgering blogs - looking for a bit of inspiration! Found you here and just wanted to say yay! good luck! Shocks me that whereever you are though - that there is actually public lists! Everything is so secret and confidential in NZ!