What Our Fourth of July Looked Like: {D.C. Style}

Let's just start out by saying that D.C. is ca-rowded on the 4th of July. Everyone and their dog is there to celebrate the nation's birthday in the nation's capital.

Which by the way? Is it capital or capitol? Mike and I had a full on discussion about this as we lay on the west lawn of the capitol. Capital. We came up with the conclusion that its capitol when you are speaking of the building and capital when you are speaking of the city. Yes? No? {Capitalization of the word is a whole other confusion that I just don't wanna discuss.}

It was a crazy hot and humid 4th for us. We spent the day walking, museuming, shopping and watching the parade, and the evening on the west lawn of the Capitol listening to the concert, A Capitol Fourth {completely out of eye shot of the stage and the 3 large screens. Gotta love crowds}.

And Apolo Anton Ohno was on stage for like a second. Oh, I love him.

I do have a bone to pick with those capital 4th of July party planners though. If you open up the entire west lawn to the public for the concert, can you please simply stick a sign in the grass saying whether or not you can see the fireworks from that spot. A whole freaking herd of us had to get up and move because the trees were blocking our view. But then when we moved the stupid construction was blocking our view. A 17 minute firework show and we saw about half. However, what we did see was beautiful.

Hope everyone had a happy 4th!

That my friends is The Hope Diamond, via American Museum of Natural History

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