What is Two Weeks from Today: {and Who I Saw at the Airport}

Two weeks from today, it will all be over.

Two weeks from today, Mike will complete the bar exam.

Five and a half years from beginning to the end.

Mike's going to be an attorney.

I couldn't be more excited to never be in college again. Because when Mike's in college, I'm in college.

As of July 25, at some time in the P.M., the only person in my world who exists is Mike.

I know, I sound like a newlywed, but really, I'm gonna feel like one too. We've never been married outside of college. This is like a whole new phase of our relationship.


In side news, guess who I saw at the D.C. airport?

My boyfriend...
No big deal, that's just Apolo Anton Ohno.
I felt like I was about to get up and bear my testimony, my heart was so aflutter.

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  1. Good luck to your husband on the bar exam! A friend of mine's husband is taking it that day as well.

    Cute blog!

    Catherine (your newest follower)
    FEST (food, style & travel)