What Our Life is Like: {Behind the Closed Door}

When Mike and I were first married, we slept on a queen size bed that we had inherited from Mike's parents house. I had previously slept on a full size bed, so a queen was definitely an upgrade. Untiiillllll you throw that 6'3" man in there too, then you suddenly feel like your sleeping on a twin. We also happen to be middle of the bed sleepers. Yes, both of us. And both of us are in denial about it. One morning early in our marriage, Mike snuck out of bed and took a picture of me sleeping. Smack dab in the center of that queen mattress. Just to prove it to me. You better believe about a week later I did the same thing to him. But even with photographic evidence {which I would absolutely show you except there are t-shirts up to chins and underwear and stuff} we both still deny that we are bed hogs.

Then we got a king. And we fell into heaven for a bit. But then we were back to unconsciously fighting over this new extra space that we had. Fortunately, I've learned how to push Mike just enough so he'll roll over. How can I hog the bed if he already is?

But now, our king sits in storage. And we move from mattress to mattress, so kindly being provided for us by family and landlords. Currently we're in a queen. I think. {I don't really know, it feels like a twin, remember?}

Last night was another night in which Mike was dominating the territory. I was having trouble sleeping {I blame the Nightstand App that Mike has going on the iPad every.single.night...I swear the thing could light up the night sky}. I lay there with Mike's hand jabbing me in the side and him breathing right in my face. Normally I would push. Get him to roll out of the center. But I just lay there. And listened. What a beautiful thing it is to have someone to share your bed with; to trust someone enough to fall asleep with them right next to you. It seems to be just a small representation of a relationship in its entirety. And in that moment, I had such joy. That guy right there loves me. Enough to fall asleep with me next to him.

And then he kneed me in the butt so I pushed him and he rolled over.

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  1. Hahaha I love this! You've perfectly captured what it's like sharing a bed with a grown man. Ours includes a tiny dog who likes to sleep sideways as well :) I can't wait until we get a king, that sounds like heaven!