What We Did: {Moved}

Over 1200 miles and 20 hours later, thanks to our folks, we made it back to Utah. With nearly all of our possessions intact! {We did have a pair of sheets that decided to kick the bucket.}

It was once again brought to light that Abby is quite the crazycontrolfreak. Moving is rough for me. So hopefully we can keep this moving across the country thing to a minimum.

It has been so wonderful to be able to spend so much time with family since we have been back.
I love them.

However, even though we know this place like the back of our hands, it still doesn't feel like home. Oklahoma still feels more like home. But I don't live there. And I don't really live here. And in a week we move temporarily to Washington D.C.

Just call us nomads, for it is what we are.

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