What I Think: {As a Post Law School Wife}

Now that law school is officially over, I find myself looking back on my experience and comparing to those who have also been law school wives.
Spring Semester, 2L

Here are my two cents.

As a law school wife, you hear a whole lot about this thing call "law school widow".
I don't think that term needs an explanation.
Spring Semester, 2L

Here is what I think about it.

Fall Semester, 2L

Law school is exactly what you make it. Yes, every school is different, yes, every law student is different, and yes, every wife is different. Some law students spend hours and hours and hours in the library just to pass. Some rarely study and still do very well. Some do better or worse depending on which year they are in. All circumstances are different. This I understand.
Spring Semester, 1L

However, when Mike started law school, we decided as a couple, that it was more important for us to maintain a loving, nurturing relationship, than it was for him graduate in the top 5% of his class. Don't get me wrong, Mike worked hard, and he graduated in very good standing, but what I would like to propose is that perhaps maybe law students and their spouses should re-evaluate this widow status. I mean, neither parties like it, therefore only hurting the relationship.

Maybe we have our priorities a bit out of order.

Spring Semester, 1L

If you are shooting for that top 5%, and it means that much to you, then by all means, do it. I think that's awesome! But if you aren't so worried about it and you just want to do well, then maybe spending a little {little!} less time at the library and a little more time at home would be a better choice.
And who knows, maybe by spending a little more time at home will make the wife happy, which makes the husband happy which may in turn just make law school a little bit easier.

Our homemade OU t-shirts to announce to our families where we had decided to go, Spring 2009

I would like to point out that law school wasn't easy for us. We had our difficult times. Competition season was always such a bugger, and that first semester as a 2L? Nearly deadly. But we made it work. Which all couples do, it's just more about what you are willing to sacrifice, I guess.


  1. My husband is headed into 2L and I'm freaking out about seeing him even less than 1L. Any advice? I have a full time job, but there is only so much I can do to occupy me in the evenings. Even with a busy church calling, I still get kinda lonely. How is your husband's post law school life?

    1. Hi Kristin! Besides keeping myself busy with housework and my own job, I did a ton of crafting! I had a friend that had a husband that worked odd hours so we would get together and craft when our husbands weren't around. I also would go to the gym every day, because that can take a good hour to hour and a half out of your alone time at home. The biggest thing is figuring out your goals as a couple. You and your husband need to find a happy medium between home life and school life. Everyone is different, and every law school is different but if you can find a balance between school and home, getting through the next two years won't be nearly as hard.

      As for the post law school life, I was a little worried because everyone says that it is worse than actually being in law school. Mike actually got lucky and works for a corporation, so his hours are 8-5. If your husband works for a large firm, he'll probably be working all of the time. So unless his goal is to work for a large firm, I would advise trying to get into a corporation.

      Law jobs are hard to find, but remember, don't count out compliance work. It's the closest thing to law, and it usually pays just as well.

      Thanks for the comment!