What We Wanna Know: {Spirit}

Question of the day:

How do YOU distinguish between the guidance of the Spirit and your own thoughts?



  1. Wow, tough question! Let me flip it around a little for you. This takes a lot of faith but it is the only way I have ever been able to make big decisions, I'm talking life altering decisions here. You "study it out in your mind", which you've heard before, and make the best decision you can. Also, pay attention to what you really want. Then say a prayer and tell Heavenly Father what you have decided and to STOP you if it is the wrong way to go. Continue to pray for inspiration every day. I did this with getting married, going to school, starting a family, taking jobs, and moving. In some cases I ended up sticking to my decisions and in others I have backed out. Be prepared for opposition after reaching your decision but don't take that as the answer to turn away from it. Sometimes we have to prove our faith after receiving an answer. This happened most recently when we moved. We felt strongly that we had made the right decisions up to a certain point and then everything fell through. We put it in God's hands with the dedication to move forward with our original plans if He provided a way, and He did. Sorry for the long response but this is a major topic. If you want to talk more about it you can always call.

  2. Joseph Smith said, "If you will listen to the FIRST promptings you will get it right nine times out of ten." Don't second guess spiritual impressions, we have them more often than we realize, since we are spiritual beings.