What We Did: {Dresser Refurb}

Happy Wednesday friends!

So sometimes.....but only sometimes.....Mike and I do something really cool.

Like the piano transformation that I did that you can read about here.

Well this was another one of those times.

When Mike is in between semesters, and isn't working full time, oh the money this man can spend. He would never tell you this but he loves to shop. Like a lot. Luckily, he is also quite stingy. So one of his favorite places is the Goodwill. Where he found this beauty.

I had been on the hunt for new dresser. New meaning old and paintable. Something with decent hardware so I didn't have to replace it {man that stuff is pricey}. And this dresser was the ticket. Yes if you look closely, one of the center handles is broken, but it was definitely something I could overlook.

Now to choose what color. Obviously, we wanted it to match our bedroom. So that leaves tan, brown, white, navy and green. Brown was out, because its already brown, duh. Navy was out because we wanted to do some glazing and navy would be too dark. White was out because our wall is white. And tan is out because that would just be ugly.


And the hassle we had to go through after that. Wow.

I just wanted to spray paint. I had checked out plenty of blogs to know that this was a viable option. More expensive, yes, but much easier. So we picked our color and bought a few cans. We sanded. And sanded. And primed.

We were ready.

Did I also mention that it was February at the time? Yeah, not a good time of year to spray paint.

It was way too cold and the paint was bubbling and wasn't sticking and it was just a nightmare.

So then the dresser sat in the garage. For months. Until it was warm enough to actually paint. But the spray paint still wasn't sticking.

But there was no turning back now. This thing was going to be painted green if it was the last thing that I did.

So we went old fashioned and painted the entire thing by hand. 3 times. I like me some good coverage.

And then it was on to the glazing. Which we had never done before. Yay for trying something new. And I'm slightly obsessed with the way that it turned out. {And no, its not purple glaze, its black, the lighting was a little weird.} We also did a clear coat or two to give it a shine and some protection.

Don't you just adore those handles?

Total cost: Less than $100.


  1. Uhh... this is WAY cute. Also I LOVE that saying hanging on your wall... I might have to steal it sometime! Not physically break into your house and rip it off the wall, but make it for myself. Just thought you should know so you're not looking over your shoulder. ;)

  2. very cute! You have great skills my friend