What Today Is: {FridayFreeForAll}

Normally I would start out my Friday post saying something like "Happy Friday" or "TGIF" but I don't really know how to declare this Friday. I mean, it's still Friday, which is great, but it's also the Friday at the end of Spring Break week. Which just simply makes me sad. It has been so fun to have all of Mike's attention.

That's okay. Graduation is only 50 days away. Yep, you read it right. 5-0

So in honor of becoming a full on grown-up in a mere 50 days, we are going to flashback to a simpler time.

Like when we roamed the neighborhood barefoot looking for someones trampoline to jump on.

Like when we went outside in a rainstorm and raced pieces of bark down the overflowing gutter.

Like when we used that pile of sand in your backyard to make a Barbie pool, which turned into a big pile of mud.

Like when the sod hadn't been laid down yet so we turned on the hose just so we could play in the mud.
Like after the sod was laid, we took the grass scraps to our Barbie village, so the Barbies could have grass, and then the bugs invaded our Barbie's houses.

Like how we put on our Summer dresses and road around the block on our bikes and people thought we were twins.

Like how we used to do makeovers.

Like how we used to plan our weddings and decorate our future homes by cutting out pictures from magazines.

Like how we listened to Oldies and every time we heard a song we liked, we recorded it on a tape and then we danced and danced in our room with our pretend boyfriends.

Today's FridayFreeForAll?

Our House

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  1. Those memories make me cry. I miss you.

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog through The Wiegand's link up and so glad I did -you are adorable and your blog is so sweet! That picture is precious.

    Have a happy week!