What I'm Thinking: {Confessions}

I like to wear my husbands shirts.


I've worn this shirt three days in a row.

Our goal to finish the Book of Mormon was yesterday. I'm currently in Alma. Don't fret, we are working hard to finish, and our reward will be seeing The Hunger Games.

I'm not nearly as excited to see The Hunger Games as I thought I would be. It better be worth the high theater prices I'll be paying.

I hate wearing sunscreen. Therefore resulting in quite the sunburn on Saturday.

Burning your hand sucks.

We don't watch General Conference. Okay, that's not entirely true. If we are home we do. But since living in OK, we have created the tradition of going to Dallas over conference weekend. We have family that come up from Houston to meet us. I know, shameful. But I do catch up on a fair amount of the talks later. Promise.

I'm going to Dallas this weekend!

Oh and I have a boyfriend.

He also happens to be Mike's best friend. Don't worry, Mike knows all about it.


  1. Boyfriend shirts are the best ever! I've definitely stolen a couple of my fiance's!

    Happy Monday :)


  2. oh i have so much sympathy for your burnt hand! and i love your boyfriend shirt style. just found your blog, it is so sweet. I'm loving all of your posts. feel free to stop by! xo