What Made Me Angry: {Grocery Shopping}

It's quite possible that my level of maturity has yet to surpass that of a 7 year old. Either way, this made me angry.
1) This city that I live in is lame when it comes to grocery store options. There are exactly two different grocery stores within decent driving distance of me. The first one is overpriced. The second one is ghetto and small. Therefore, my grocery shopping is forced to be done at Walmart. I don't hate Walmart. I am not too good for Walmart. But, I would never choose to do my grocery shopping at Walmart because normal grocery stores usually have better sales.

2) I am not a couponer. I wish I were. Those people can save crazyawesome amounts of money. But every Saturday before I do my grocery shopping, I do check out 4 different coupon networks just to see if I am interested in what they have to offer. That is the extent of my couponing experience.

So. Last week, there was this coupon...

Um. Yay! We need cereal and this is a good deal and we love Honey Bunches of Oats. I proceed to clip the coupon and buy the cereal and use the coupon. Coupon doesn't work on the first try but worker says "these online coupons always freeze up the system", then she proceeds to manually deduct the $1.00.

This has happened many a time to us. It seems they usually have to manually deduct the amount.

So today, same coupon is still available, and the network lets you clip each coupon twice. So I decide that I should just buy another box, since its such a good deal. Clip coupon, proceed to grocery shopping, buy biggest box of Honey Bunches of Oats that Walmart has. Get to register. Coupon doesn't work. Typical.

And then the lady says that "if the coupon doesn't work, we can't do anything about it. Sorry." And then she hands me back the coupon.


1) Lets take a look at the coupon just one more time. Top, left hand corner. What store is that? Oh right, Walmart. Which is where I am.

2) Did you really just change your policy during the week? Really?

3) I bought the biggest freaking box they had. Which also means I spent a good amount of money. And I'm a tightwad. Which means I need that coupon to work.

But what did I say to her, you ask?

"Oh, okay."

Yep. That's it.

But then I proceeded to buy the box of cereal. And stomp out of the store. And to get back at Walmart, you know what I did? I wadded up my grocery list and left it in the cart and then I left the cart in a parking space. Hah.

That'll show 'em.


  1. Alisha needs to teach you a few things about retail.

  2. Ha oh my goodness!! I feel and act like this sometimes too. Nice to know I'm not the only one : )

  3. I have had some coupons not working right lately so I've started making them take the item off. If they're not going to put in the extra effort to make my coupon work then they can make the effort to take the item back.