What We Got: {Christmas in OK}

Look at some of what we got...

A cowl that Mike picked out and ordered off of Etsy all by himself. I didn't even know that he knew what Etsy was. Oh and my awesome fair isle slipper boots. Once again, 100% picked out by Mike. {And do you like my hair? The two-toned....black on top, my natural on bottom. I'm obsessed.}

I wish I could say Mike picked this out, but either way, yep, I bought that. And yes, he has worn it.

A rose gold Fossil watch. I'm in love.  

A food dehydrator! This kid was so excited, you have no idea. Unfortunately now our house smells like homemade jerky. Mmm. {I fear this smell may become all too common in our home, and I may regret this gift}

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