What We Remember: {2011}

We made it. All the way to the last day of 2011. Another one on the books. And it brought us so much joy. Things that we did this year...

{January} We found ourselves in between semesters and once again enjoying our time together. We had some fabulous warmish weather. We went downtown to see the Oklahoma City National Memorial. And Mike started a new job at a law firm!

{February} We celebrated Valentine's Day by Mike surprising me with tickets to William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing downtown. Mike got in a really bad car accident, but luckily, he wasn't hurt. We can't say that much for our Civic. Totaled. But, we purchased a Nissan Rogue, which we love! We had some terrible weather, including a very bad snow storm, but we like snow storms here in Oklahoma because they shut everything down! We got to stay home for two days! No work and no school, which means Abby and Mike togetherness!

{March} I found myself in a gym funk and a junk food craze. Possibly my way of dealing with Spring semesters {I loathe them}. We created a paper chain for Law School graduation. It had 438 links on it. We experienced a piano bar for the first time with some friends, which was awesome! Oh and March Madness....nuff said.

{April} We started our month off in Dallas hanging out with Mike's brother and his family. We attended our first Ranger's game. We went to the Renaissance Fair here in Norman. A friend and I threw an awesome baby shower for another dear friend of ours. We refinished a dresser for our bedroom. And the highlight....the Royal Wedding! Watched 4.5 straight hours of coverage.

{May} We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary! We dominated in our Kentucky Derby watching. We went trail running in Oklahoma for the first time. I did a 5k with a friend. We drove to Utah for the summer. Mike started a new internship! And I went out with some friends from high school that I haven't seen in years!

{June} We went to the zoo with Mike's family. Mike got his grades for Spring semester, his best semester so far in law school! And we went hiking in some Utah mountains! {Oh how we miss those Utah mountains!

{July} My niece was baptized and Mike's sister and her family were sealed in the Jordan River temple! I won tickets on the radio to see Brad Paisley at Stadium of Fire, come to find out they were FRONT AND CENTER. Yep, we touched Brad. Yum. I celebrated my quarter-of-a-century birthday. Mike and I spent a weekend camping in Yellowstone! And I had a spa day with the girls!

{August} I found my first, second and third gray hair. We drove back to Oklahoma. I started cooking dinner again {Go me!} The Mission President here in Norman spoke to the LDS law students in the area. He is an attorney from Salt Lake. Amazing.

{September} We went to the first OU football game of the season! We searched for the Dodge Journey...and never found it. We celebrated Mike's 26th birthday. Mike's parents came to town! We drove to the top of the highest mountain in Oklahoma. And I discovered Pinterest.

{October} We went to Dallas for the OU vs. Texas game. We went to the Texas State Fair and ate fried foods. We celebrated Mike being home from the mission for 5 years. Which leads to celebrations of our 5 year first date anniversary and our 5 year first kiss anniversary. Mike competed in Moot Court again and his team took 3rd and he individually took 8th. My sister and her family came to town. We went to the Action Figure Museum and to the casino to watch horse races.

{November} Mike went out of town for another law school competition. I experienced my first longer-than-two-seconds earthquake. While Mike was out of town no less. We went to Houston to spend our last Thanksgiving with Mike's brother and his family. Which included my first {and last} experience with a gravity table. We found another awesome book series to read. Oh and I started this blog!

{December} Mike finished another semester! {One more to go!} I got some new awesome running shoes. We went to Utah for Christmas. And I got the stomach flu. And we celebrated our 5 year engagement anniversary!
Here's to another awesome year! Bring it on, 2012!

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  1. I LOVE those shirts you guys are wearing in the Christmas picture. Also, I always feel really weird being in those gravity tables. Maybe you had a similar experience?

    Thank you so so much for the link up! Happy New Year!

  2. Love your shirt in that last picture. It's darling. And I hope you keep that paper chain till the very end, that's so fun!

  3. New follower! Love your blog!


  4. New follower! Love all the pictures. Happy New Year!