What Today Is: {5 Years}

Mark it: 5 years ago tonight, Mike engaged me.

It was beautiful. It was secluded. It was perfect. With roses. And daisies. And candles galore.

And even though I can't remember a thing that he said, I knew that he loved me more than anything ever.
And I knew that we were perfect for each other.
And even though a small part of me was terrified, another huge part of me was overwhelmed with love and joy.
And I said yes.
And I got a gorgeous ring out of the deal.
And an awesome husband.

{Side note: I clearly remember sitting there while Mike was on his knee listening to all the wonderful things that he said and telling myself....Remember that he said that...oh and that...and that... As soon as we left that special spot, I forgot everything that he said, but for the record, he forgot it all too.}

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  1. Mike engaged you...love it. Congrats. Any exciting plans to celebrate your 5th anniversary?