Greetings from Yellowstone. Actually we're back in Utah now, but we had an absolute blast playing in Yellowstone for the past 3 days. After a small rain storm on Friday evening, getting our tent and a sleeping bag quite wet, we were able to let loose and just have a perfect weekend away with each other. 

This is the contraption in which we developed to get our sleeping bag dry. And it worked. We managed to get the sleeping bag nearly dry by the time that we went to bed.
 Firehole River.
 Our tradition of buying ice cream while enjoying Old Faithful. 
 Yellowstone Lake.
 Lewis Falls.
 The Grand Tetons. (My most favorite mountains.)
The never ending hot pools. This one was particularly steamy.

I believe that Mike and I are getting particularly good at setting our camera timer and then running to pose for the picture. It makes taking pictures all the more adventurous. This is only a small fraction of the good times that we caught on camera. I think camping in Yellowstone should be a yearly tradition for us. 

Oh and we didn't see a single bear!

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  1. SO REDICULOUSLY FUN! I miss Rexburg so much partly because we lived so close to that beautiful area! Yellowstone/Jenny Lake/the hot springs/tetons/Jackson...so many good memories! You guys look wonderful!